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For nearly 30 years

As dentists who have been in St. Augustine for nearly 30 years, we are an established part of the community and take pride in caring for our St. Augustine dental family.

We place an emphasis on technology in an effort to offer the best service modern dentistry has to offer. We want to be your St. Augustine dentist!

Cutting-Edge Dental Technology with CEREC®

We do one visit caps and crowns. We are the original users of CEREC technology in St. Augustine, and as such have probably done more of these one visit restorations than any dentist in St. Augustine. Our patients love not having to come back to have a crown put in, not having a gooey impression and not wearing a temporary crown (because they don’t need it!). The whole procedure only takes about an hour.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Rob W.

The front staff is friendly, professional, and they have this office running at a high level of efficiency. We love having Denise as our Hygienist, but have used others over the last 5 years and they’re all great. Finally, the dentist are the best I’ve ever worked with. If you’re seeking a complete dental office, this is your place.

Steve G.

I called as a new patient with a broken tooth. They saw me the next day and fixed the tooth right then. My current dentist couldn't see me for three weeks. The staff were all excellent, professional and caring. My wife had already switched to this practice because of their strong professionalism. Now Dr. Domingoes is my permanent dentist too. Keep up the great work. 

Jerry O.

They were able to take me for a short notice emergency. The wait was very short to be seen. All personnel including front desk were professional, pleasant very personable.

Sandra M.

Our family of 5 have been patients of this office for 20+ years. NEVER a bad experience.... wonderful, caring doctors and staff. My grown children who have traveled the world always want to come home to use them because they are the daughter thanked me recently for teaching her to take good care of her teeth....these people are the ones who helped her have a a dazzling smile. They are the kind of place you can trust to always do the right thing, which is incredibly hard to find these days.

We do one visit porcelain veneers

We do one visit porcelain veneers. The same technology that allows us to make crowns, allows us to make veneers or any other porcelain restoration. If you have broken a veneer, or are thinking of changing your smile, let us, your St. Augustine dentist, evaluate your smile.

We see same day emergencies. If you have ever had a toothache or a broken tooth, you know how painful it can be. We pride ourselves on not leaving our patients in pain and make every effort to see you and alleviate your pain on the day that you call.


High Tech Dentistry

We do one visit guided implant surgery and restoration. Probably the most exciting thing to happen to our practice in the last year is the technology that allows us to plan and place dental implants virtually, on the computer screen, before actually placing them on you.

Why does this matter? Safety and efficiency. The only way to know where that implant is going to be placed is with a 3 dimensional X-ray called a “Conebeam CT scan”, having this technology in our office allows us to place your implant with 100% confidence knowing that we are not near vital structures and will get a beautiful end result.

Smile Makeovers

From full dental reconstruction including veneers and crowns to Invisalign we can make your smile beautiful. Take a look at some of our patients and their Before and After photos and see what you think. We have had many, many successful and beautiful results.

If you want to see what we can do for you, call us for a complimentary consultation.


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