A 1-2 Punch to Knock Out Dental Disease

Six-month cleanings and homecare can help fight against dental problems.

Six-month cleanings and care at home can help fight against dental problems.

Proper preventive care for your car and your house keeps things running smoothly. It’s the same for your smile. Optimal oral health depends on a good cleaning regimen at home coupled with regular visits to the dentist. Dr. Woody Domingoes and Dr. Maria Valdes-Domingoes of Anastasia Dental Associates recommend six-month checkups and cleanings to keep the smiles of St. Augustine residents healthy and strong.

Benefits of Regular Checkups

At your first checkup, the doctor will examine your teeth and gums to develop a baseline evaluation of your oral health. X-rays will provide a detailed view of the underlying structure of your smile and bring to light cavities or precursors to decay that need to be addressed. This initial examination will help the doctor monitor any changes in your oral health noted during subsequent checkups.

Problems identified in the early stage can often be treated conservatively. Dental issues not proactively addressed may result in significant damage that requires costly and invasive treatment down the road. The easiest dental problem to correct is the one that doesn’t occur!

Crucial Cleanings

A thorough dental cleaning by our skilled hygienist is the first line of defense against gum disease and other dental issues. A prime factor in the formation of gum disease is plaque, a colorless, sticky substance that constantly forms on teeth. Removing plaque is a key component of maintaining a healthy smile. When plaque remains on teeth, it hardens. The plaque bacteria begin a destructive cycle of eating away at tooth enamel and irritating – and eventually damaging – gum tissue.

Removing plaque and hardened food particles from teeth and along the gumline eliminates the problem at its source. In fact, a dental cleaning, followed by good care at home, can cure early-stage gum disease, called gingivitis.

Gum disease is linked to a host of whole-body health problems, such as osteoporosis, dementia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes complication, pre-term labor, and more. Striking back at this destructive disease is critical to maintain good oral and overall health.

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