Beating Bad Breath

halitosisBad breath. It gives you a shudder just thinking about it, right? It’s the very common problem that can put a damper on conversation and self-confidence. Technically referred to as “halitosis”, bad breath can strike at any time, but it can also be treated and – even better – prevented!

Brush at least twice a day

Plaque and bacteria are the main culprits of bad breath, so a thorough brushing helps keep them in check and out of your mouth. This means a two minute brush in the morning and evening as well as after meals if you desire.

Floss everyday

Flossing isn’t just something we tell you to do to make your routine longer. It has real benefits! A major one is fighting halitosis by removing stuck food particles and reducing the opportunity for food to decay in your mouth and feed bacteria.

Don’t forget your tongue

It isn’t just your teeth than can harbor bacteria and cause bad breath. Your tongue plays a big role in chewing and swallowing, too. It has a lot of little crevices where particles can get comfortable and invite germs. You can brush your tongue with a toothbrush or buy a tongue scraper that gets the job done even better.

Water is your friend

Water is a wonderful tool in rinsing food and saliva from your mouth. It also prevents a dry mouth, which is a place where bacteria thrive. This is why many people often wake up with bad breath. Keep a glass of water by your bedside to drink anytime you wake up at night and in the morning, as well as a water bottle with you throughout the day.

Have more questions about halitosis and what you can do about it? Make an appointment with our office today and we’ll be happy to help.