Begin the Year with a Brighter Smile

Begin the Year with a Brighter SmileStart the year right. How? With a brighter smile! Over time, the things you eat and drink can take a toll on your teeth, making them dull and discolored. Now is a great time to say “goodbye” to stains and “hello” to a more attractive smile. The cosmetic dentists at Anastasia Dental Associates make it easy. Dr. Woody Domingoes and Dr. Maria Valdes-Domingoes offer in-office teeth whitening with Zoom!

How Teeth Discolor
If you spill tomato sauce or red wine on a light-colored cloth, it stains, right? Well, it’s the same with your teeth. Many of the foods and drinks you love contain highly pigmented molecules that can deposit color on teeth. Berries, curry, dark sodas, and more — they’re all culprits when it comes to dental discoloration. Acidic beverages, even if they’re light in color, can erode tooth enamel and make it more susceptible to staining. Tobacco and some medications can darken tooth enamel. And as we age, teeth can begin to appear a bit more dull in color.

Zoom! Erases Stains
Zoom! teeth whitening is an in-office whitening system that removes stains and discolorations. The specially formulated bleaching agent reaches into tooth enamel and dentin to lift stains and reveal bright, white teeth. Zoom! is safe and won’t harm natural tooth structure.

Here’s how the process works. You’ll schedule a Zoom! teeth whitening appointment at our St. Augustine dentist’s office. We’ll apply the Zoom! teeth whitening solution to your smile while you relax. In about an hour, you’ll see a smile 8 to 10 shades brighter. It’s that simple!

To keep stains at bay, we’ll send you home with a touch-up kit to use as needed.

Let’s Get Started!
Make this the year of your brightest smile! Call Anastasia Dental Associates in St. Augustine FL today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment.