Dental Financing for the Whole Family

Dental-FinancingIf you are fortunate enough to find one dental office in the St. Augustine area that can serve the needs of your entire family, you’ll find that it’s much easier to manage your family’s changing dental needs. When your children need fillings, your spouse needs a crown, and you’ve been wanting to get Invisalign, it’s very beneficial to have all of your services performed in one dental office.

Unfortunately, many families find that prioritizing dental care for multiple family members can become difficult when it comes to finances. When funds are limited, how do you decide which family member should receive care and which ones should wait until next year? In a perfect world, every member of the family would be able to receive the recommended dental care without compromise.

A financial solution for the whole family
If your dentist has recommended optimal dental treatment for multiple family members at the same time, consider using a medical/dental financing solution such as the CareCredit healthcare credit card to cover the expenses. CareCredit is an industry-trusted financing source that offers a line of credit that can be used to pay for multiple members of the same family. It is encouraging to know that you can go ahead and have your porcelain veneers done even while paying for your son’s fillings or your spouse’s root canal.

Not the same old CareCredit
CareCredit isn’t new to the healthcare field. The company has been providing affordable medical and dental financing for decades, and they’re known for their low- or no-interest payment plans. However, the company hasn’t stopped finding new ways to make your life easier and healthier. Their new and improved services include:
● Card is accepted as payment for dental, hearing, LASIK and vision, veterinary, and cosmetics expenses
● Now accepted at Rite Aid pharmacy
● New CareCredit mobile app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play
● Online payment portal
● Online payment calculator

Great dental care that fits your budget
Learn more about how CareCredit can help you to budget for your family’s dental needs by contacting our St. Augustine dental office today.