Dentists Reveal the Top 10 Dental Problems

Top Dental Problems St AugustineIf a pesky dental problem has you wondering if you’ve been cursed with bad luck, think again. St. Augustine dentists tell us that there is a long list of dental problems that are far more common than you may think. In fact, on any given day, dentists receive many phone calls from patients who are just like yourself. A recent survey of dentists revealed this list of the 10 most common dental problems which can affect both children and adults:

  1. Bad Breath- Stinky, smelly breath can strike any of us at any time, but dentists have lots of experience in this department. To uncover the answer to your bad breath problem, start by identifying the cause of the issue. Clean and scrape the surface of your tongue each day to eliminate food particles and bacteria. The mucus and phlegm from sinus drainage can also lead to bad breath.
  2. Canker sores and herpes- Many mouth sores are contagious and can be easily spread through our population without the help of a dental professional.
  3. Cavities- A breakdown or opening in the surface of your enamel can quickly spread deep into your tooth and cannot be reversed without professional dental intervention.
  4. Gum disease- Also, known as periodontal disease, this common dental problem can appear in various forms. Trust your dentist to diagnose and treat it properly.
  5. Sensitive teeth- If changes in temperature, pressure, or certain foods is causing you to avoid eating or drinking, talk to a dentist at once.
  6. Teeth grinding- the stress of clenching, grinding, or gritting the teeth together can lead to the widespread destruction of your smile.
  7. Wisdom teeth- Infected or impacted molars are a common source of inflammation, pain, and tooth decay.
  8. Enamel erosion- The surface of the enamel can be irreversibly eroded by plaque acids, stomach acids, and many popular foods or beverages.
  9. Stained teeth-Discoloration and staining can harm your self-confidence and add years to your appearance.
  10. Toothaches-Tenderness, soreness, or aching pain in the teeth should be reported to the dentist right away. Even if you cannot pinpoint the source of the problem on your own, the dentist is trained to troubleshoot by performing a thorough evaluation.

For help with these and other dental problems, contact a St. Augustine dentist today.