Don’t Expect the Dentist to Say You Need This

cosmetic dentistry dentist st augustineWhen you sit down in the dentist’s chair, do you wait patiently for the dentist to tell you what you need? If you’ve got a cavity, you might find out that you need a filling. If you’ve got a broken tooth, you might find out that you need a dental crown, and if you’re missing teeth, you might need dental implants. But, what if your smile is technically healthy, yet not very attractive? What if you have stained teeth, old metal fillings, or worn down teeth? What if you need cosmetic dentistry? To avoid offending you or embarrassing you, very few dentists in St. Augustine will say that you need cosmetic dentistry, even if they can clearly see esthetic imperfections in your smile.

You might find it surprising, but many dentists are uncomfortable suggesting cosmetic dentistry procedures if you have not specifically stated that you are unhappy with your smile. That’s because procedures like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are not essential to maintaining your oral health—and that’s the dentist’s top priority. However, once the doctor has determined that your teeth are healthy, it can be fun to talk about creating the smile that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Pretty teeth are a matter of your own personal opinion, and if you aren’t happy with the way that your smile looks or feels, don’t hesitate to bring the topic up during your next dental appointment. Often times, we wish that our teeth were a little whiter, a little straighter, or a little more uniform, and we assume that the dentist will tell us exactly what is needed to make the desired improvements. Unfortunately, the dentist’s idea of an attractive smile might be a little different than your opinion, and the topic of cosmetic dentistry might never arise—unless you bring it up first.

Don’t be shy. Take a good look at your smile and make notes as to what you like and dislike. Then, be prepared to speak openly with the dentist about your feelings. Why wait until your next dental cleaning? Contact a dentist in St. Augustine today to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options.