Invisalign Creates Great Smiles in St. Augustine

InvisalignSm.Considering braces? Lots of adults opt for orthodontics to improve the appearance of gapped, crooked, or crowded teeth. Many of your peers are undergoing orthodontic treatment for the first time, while others wore braces as kids but need some fine tuning to bring teeth back into optimal alignment. No matter the reason, the solution is clear. Dr. Woody Domingoes and Dr. Maria Valdes-Domingoes at Anastasia Dental Associates in St. Augustine FL create life-changing smiles with Invisalign clear braces.

Are you image conscious?

We all are! As an adult, you’ve likely honed a mature, professional image – one that does not include wearing metal braces. Well, Invisalign lets you improve the appearance of your smile without the distraction of metal brackets and wires. Clear, removable, BPA-free acrylic aligners gently hug your teeth. You can smile with confidence knowing Invisalign is working discreetly and quickly to make the most of your smile.

Benefits of Invisalign

Aside from the unobtrusive appearance of Invisalign clear braces, St. Augustine FL Invisalign wearers experience a wealth of additional benefits:

Fast treatment time: Expect to complete treatment in 6 to 15 months. Many Invisalign patients achieve their smile goals in less than a year.

No diet restrictions: Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you simply take them out to eat a meal. This means that you can eat what you want without fear of popping a bracket or getting food stuck in metal wires.

Easy cleaning: You can brush and floss as normal with Invisalign. Simply remove your aligners to clean your teeth and then put them back in to continue improving your smile. It’s easy to keep your aligners clean, too.

Comprehensive care: Invisalign not only gently moves teeth into their optimal arrangement, the clear aligners also correct bite misalignment. (Your bite is the way your top and bottom teeth fit together. A misaligned bite can be uncomfortable and contribute to jaw joint dysfunction.)

Achieve Your Ideal Smile

Call Anastasia Dental Associates today to schedule a consultation with a St. Augustine Invisalign dentist. Your smile will thank you!