St. Augustine Dentist Knows When the Time Is Right for Dental Crowns

WorriedManSmWhen you begin to notice that stains have developed around the silver fillings that you’ve had since you were a kid, then it’s very likely that the life of your dental work is coming to an end. Fillings won’t last forever, and old silver fillings are notorious for deteriorating to the point that the rest of the tooth becomes weak. In some cases, a worn out filling can simply be replaced with a newer and stronger filling, but there comes a time when your tooth needs more than just a new filling. Depending upon the size of the existing filling and the integrity of the remaining tooth structure, you may need to consult a dentist in St. Augustine about a dental crown.

After a very large filling or a filling which has caused fracture lines to develop in the tooth, a dental crown can be the best choice for bringing back the strong and youthful smile that you once trusted. Crowns can certainly make your teeth look better, but they are also a more dependable alternative than a large or unstable filling. At a certain point, our teeth are unable to fully support very large fillings. As a result, there is a chance that you could bite down and experience a fractured cusp or a cracked tooth.

After an accidental fracture or crack, saving your tooth can become more difficult, more uncomfortable, and much more expensive—if the tooth can be saved at all. Some severely fractured or cracked teeth may need to be extracted and replaced with an implant.

If you are gambling with a super-sized or deteriorating filling, the odds are not in your favor. Think of it as planning a cross-country road trip in a car with bad tires or a bad axle. You wouldn’t want to compromise on your comfort or your safety. While a fractured tooth might not be as threatening as car trouble, it is wise to protect your teeth in advance rather than waiting for an accident to happen.

Set up an appointment with a dentist in St. Augustine to find out which of your teeth may be in need of the full-coverage that comes from a dental crown.