St. Augustine Dentist Offers Special Dental Care for Everyone

SedationDentistSmWhen you visit the office of a St. Augustine dentist, how can you be sure that the team is truly dedicated to accommodating your unique needs? You deserve a stress-free, welcoming environment for yourself and also for your family. If you or a family member is living with a disability, either physical or mental, your dental experience can be customized to make the visit as pleasant as possible.

For truly customized dental care, a warm and caring dental staff can assist you with any of your particular needs or concerns as they relate to maintaining your oral health. The dental office is arranged to accommodate the needs of every patient.

To make your visit a success, start by filling out your medical forms thoroughly. It is important to inform the dentist and staff of any challenges that you or your family member may have. Medications, physical or mental challenges, heart issues, and joint replacements are all necessary for your dental staff to know about—not only for medical reasons, but to also because the presence of these conditions can influence the way that you respond to your dental treatment.

If you or a family member lives with ADHD, ADD, Autism, or other mental challenges, please have the patient take any medication, if needed, at the appropriate time prior to an appointment. A new environment with different sights and sounds can be unnerving for them. Please advise the dental team of any additional steps that can be taken to make the dental appointment more relaxing.

The ultimate goal is to also provide exceptional dental care for all patients, regardless of the challenges or limitations that may arise. You should be comfortable throughout your appointment, and communicating with the dental staff about your physical limitations or emotional reservations will enable you to receive the best care possible.

When you partner with a St. Augustine dentist who is able to understand your needs and your lifestyle, they can develop a homecare regimen that is most suitable for you. There are different dental appliances that can be suggested, and the dentist will discuss the appliances that will give you the best opportunity for a healthy smile.