St. Augustine Dentist Sees Benefits of Topical Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride SmTopical fluoride varnish is an effective tool for treating tooth sensitivity and preventing tooth decay. Fluoride is an integral step in the prevention of dental decay. It is present in most city water sources and it is the main ingredient in the toothpaste that we use at home. Fluoride varnish is a more potent and concentrated form if fluoride which can be placed on your teeth by a St Augustine dentist.

In the past, fluoride gels or foams were applied to the teeth for four minutes, as the most common method of fluoride application in dental offices. Fluoride varnish is more effective and efficient due to the easy application process; it is simply painted on the tooth structure with a small brush. Although the varnish is recommended after a cleaning, fluoride varnish can be applied at any dental visit.

Fluoride varnish has a very sticky thick consistency that sticks to the tooth structure for several hours. Because of this, ingesting a large amount of fluoride is not a concern. Without the worry of swallowing fluoride, varnish can be applied on everyone, from infants to the elderly. Due to the wide range of patients that varnish is beneficial for, a valuable function of varnish is that it will aid in the fight against decay. Patients with limited dexterity, poor hygiene, periodontal disease, and/or a moderate-to-high cavity rate are all great candidates to have fluoride varnish applied.

Patients that suffer from sensitivity will also benefit from having fluoride varnish applied. Sensitivity is caused from having tubules from within the tooth and root structure exposed. Having the varnish painted on these areas will essentially cover or plug the tubules and seal them from exposure to cold or touch.

Don’t wait to discuss having fluoride varnish placed on your teeth by a St Augustine dentist today. It’s a painless, safe, and effective way to fight tooth decay and reduce tooth sensitivity.