Tooth Loss is a Wake-Up Call

Tooth Loss Wake-Up CallAccording to current statistics, an alarming number of adults will experience the loss of at least one tooth after the age of 30. The loss of any tooth (with the exception of wisdom teeth and baby teeth) can be an unsettling event, but in many instances, tooth loss can be the wake-up call that alerts you to a much more serious problem. Visiting a St. Augustine dentist to have a tooth pulled should be your first step towards investigating the underlying problem.

Health conditions and tooth loss. Certain health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases can make it hard for your body to recover from injuries and infections. As a result, an oral infection such as periodontal disease can spiral out of control until the jaw bones become too weak to support the teeth. Bone loss eventually leads to tooth loss, and the problem doesn’t end with the loss of just one tooth—more and more teeth will eventually be lost until the state of your overall health is stabilized.

Smoking and tooth loss. The habit of smoking can cause the look of your smile to deteriorate, but it can also cause the gums and jaw bone to deteriorate as well. Amazingly, smoking can sometimes mask the progression of serious gum disease, and you might not be aware of the extent of the problem until you begin to lose teeth.

Extreme stress and tooth loss. Chronic stress takes such a toll on your body that it can cause you to clench and grind your teeth, causing permanent damage. The extreme forcefulness of the clenching or grinding can lead to fractured teeth and broken crowns. Quite often, the problem isn’t recognized until a tooth is severely damaged or even lost. Randomly breaking or fracturing a tooth isn’t normal, and is likely to be a symptom of severe stress or a sign of a more serious issue.

Don’t downplay the seriousness of tooth loss. Consult a St. Augustine dentist to get to the root of the problem today.