Try CareCredit® for Dental Care Now

Try CareCredit® for Dental Care NowDental insurance is certainly very helpful, but several of the most popular dental plans offer coverage that is limited to preventive care such as routine dental visits, X-rays and cleanings. Unfortunately, if your heart has been set on a cosmetic dentistry treatment, there is very little chance that your dental insurance will cover it. However, that shouldn’t stop you from consulting a dentist in the St. Augustine area about your options.

Nothing should stop you from looking and feeling the way that you want. With the help of medical and dental financing programs such as CareCredit, you can fit veneers, teeth whitening, and even dental implants into your budget. The first step is to work with your dentist to plan your treatment and then start thinking about the monthly budget that would work best for your household.

Essentially, CareCredit is a flexible financing program that has been endorsed by the American Dental Association. The plans allow patients to make monthly payments for the health care expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. That includes your co-payments, your deductibles and those coveted cosmetic procedures. Who couldn’t benefit from a customized health care credit line?

As a revolving line of credit, CareCredit can be used for other procedures once your dental care is complete:

• Cosmetic surgery
• LASIK and vision care
• Veterinary care
• MedSpa treatments
• Hair restoration
• Weight loss programs

How does No Interest sound? CareCredit provides a wide range of payment options to suit all sorts of budgets. You can ease your financial situation with an interest-free plan, in which you can avoid additional finance charges by making a monthly minimum payment and paying off the full balance in 3, 6, 12 or 18 months.

Get CareCredit today. Once you have received an estimate for your dental treatment, complete your CareCredit application online at CareCredit’s website. The website can also help you to locate the St. Augustine FL dentists who accept CareCredit financing.