Your Dental Budget Isn’t the Boss of You

Dental CostsThe key to having a great smile that feels good and looks good is finding a dentist in the St. Augustine area who can provide you with excellent dental care. Once you have found your ‘dental home’ you shouldn’t feel limited or restricted by your inner dental phobias, your dental insurance plan—or even your budget. Top-notch dental care is well within your grasp, as long as you don’t allow these common obstacles to stand in your way.

If you are like most dental patients, the financial hurdles seem to present the greatest barrier between your current smile and your desired smile. However, your budget isn’t the Boss of you! When you communicate openly with the professionals at the dental office, it is possible to formulate an airtight plan for covering the costs of your dental care—no matter what your budget may say!

The best way to conquer the financial giant is by first determining what you truly want in regard to your oral health. How do you want your teeth to look and feel? Where would you like to see your smile in 10-20 years? What dental conditions or procedures are you hoping to avoid? Talk to your dentist and dental hygienist about the best ways to achieve those goals and then jump right in to the discussion about money.

The dental team is prepared to provide you with a complete estimate for the cost of your proposed treatment, along with an estimated breakdown of your dental insurance coverage. This will leave you with an approximate idea of your out-of-pocket responsibility. Next, think about your personal resources. If you have access to a health savings account or other pretax funding sources, then you should consider investing those funds into your oral health. If not, ask about dental financing companies like CareCredit and Capital One. These services offer a number of different financial solutions such as low interest and no interest plans with low monthly payments and few penalties.

You deserve the best dental care in St. Augustine, and your budget shouldn’t be standing in the way! To learn more, call to schedule an appointment today!