Invisalign® is the modern alternative to conventional braces. Through the use of a system of clear aligners, your teeth can be straightened quickly and privately. Invisalign® aligners are virtually invisible, enabling you to have your teeth straightened without drawing unwanted attention; plus these aligners won’t rob you of the freedom to eat and drink whatever you prefer.

This removable orthodontic option will also preserve your ability to brush and floss normally in order to maintain a high level of oral hygiene, as there are no wires or metal brackets to navigate around.

Even if you have never considered traditional metal braces, you’ll be glad to know that you can improve your smile in privacy and comfort with Invisalign®.

What is Invisalign®?

  • An invisible method of straightening the teeth without metal braces.
  • A series of custom-made aligners which are easily removable.
  • A metal-free alternative to conventional braces.
  • A precision orthodontic system of appliances which are molded for perfect comfort.

How does Invisalign® work?

  • Each set of aligners must be worn regularly for approximately two weeks.
  • Aligners should only be removed for flossing, brushing, eating, and drinking.
  • Aligners provide gentle forces to move the teeth gradually each week.
  • Dental appointments for monitoring and adjustments should be scheduled approximately every 6 - 8 weeks.
  • The average number of aligners is approximately 18 and 30 sets, for a total treatment time of 6 to 15 months. The estimated length of treatment can vary widely according to current position of your teeth and the proposed treatment goals.

Please visit our "Before & After" gallery to view photos of actual smiles which Dr. Domingoes has transformed with Invisalign®.