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The Surprising Truth about Dental Deep Cleanings

If too much time has passed since the last time that you had your teeth cleaned, and your teeth are feeling especially dirty, then you may find yourself asking your friends and acquaintances to recommend a St. Augustine dentist who can provide you with a deep dental cleaning. There is a common misconception that a…

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Osteoporosis Medications and Dental Implants

We’re living longer, healthier, and more active lives in St. Augustine—and that’s one reason that dental implants have become the go-to solution when a missing tooth needs to be replaced. Implants are replacement teeth that are permanently embedded into the jaw bone. They don’t make you look or feel old, they won’t slow you down,…

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Dental Implants are Perfect Option for Year-End Benefits

As the end of the year approaches, time is running out for anyone who plans to use their flexible spending or Health Savings Account funds in the dental office. These funds are pre-tax dollars that can be saved over the course of the year to help cover the cost of major medical and dental care,…

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Managing Dental Pain

When you are experiencing dental pain from a toothache or post-operative discomfort after an invasive dental procedure, it is common to reach for a pain reliever in hopes of feeling better as quickly as possible. However, dentists in the St. Augustine FL area are warning patients to be informed and responsible when it comes to…

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Tooth Loss is a Wake-Up Call

According to current statistics, an alarming number of adults will experience the loss of at least one tooth after the age of 30. The loss of any tooth (with the exception of wisdom teeth and baby teeth) can be an unsettling event, but in many instances, tooth loss can be the wake-up call that alerts…

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Try CareCredit® for Dental Care Now

Dental insurance is certainly very helpful, but several of the most popular dental plans offer coverage that is limited to preventive care such as routine dental visits, X-rays and cleanings. Unfortunately, if your heart has been set on a cosmetic dentistry treatment, there is very little chance that your dental insurance will cover it. However,…

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Change Your Smile Today with Same-Day Porcelain Veneers

Making the decision to undergo cosmetic dentistry isn’t always easy. You must first convince yourself that you deserve the gift of an awesome smile. Then you’ll need to talk with the dentist about your options and alternatives. Next you’ll need to make some important financial decisions. But after the decisions have been made, you’ll want…

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