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Root Canal Dental Therapy in 8 Simple Steps

When the nerve tissue inside of a natural tooth has become infected or irreversibly traumatized, it is often necessary for the dentist to perform a common procedure called Root Canal Therapy. In fact, most St. Augustine dentists will recommend root canal therapy as the best alternative to having a natural tooth extracted. There are eight…

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Dental Bonding or Porcelain Veneers?

What are your options when your front teeth need to be repaired? When you visit a dentist in St. Augustine, you’ll be happy to know that there are a variety of options for repairing the teeth that represent your smile. Perhaps you chipped a front tooth as a child or you would like to eliminate…

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Is Bad Breath a Dental Problem?

Harsh breath after a few cups of coffee or a hearty meal can usually be remedied with a toothbrush or a piece of gum. But, what does it mean when strong breath becomes difficult or impossible to control? It could mean that it’s time to consult a St. Augustine FL dentist for help. The clinical…

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Don’t Expect the Dentist to Say You Need This

When you sit down in the dentist’s chair, do you wait patiently for the dentist to tell you what you need? If you’ve got a cavity, you might find out that you need a filling. If you’ve got a broken tooth, you might find out that you need a dental crown, and if you’re missing…

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This Dental Trick Will Make You a Better Flosser Today

Are you having an ‘on again, off again’ relationship with your dental floss? All over St. Augustine, FL, dentists and dental hygienists are doing their very best to encourage the community to floss at least once a day. Flossing every single day is a tough habit to adopt though, and there are a ton of…

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Look Years Younger with Porcelain Dental Veneers

It’s no secret that your smile plays an important role in defining how young (or old) you look. So, of course, a picture-perfect smile has a way of making you look years younger. For millions of men and women, porcelain dental veneers are the best way to make the magic happen. Porcelain dental veneers, sometimes…

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Dental Financing for the Whole Family

If you are fortunate enough to find one dental office in the St. Augustine area that can serve the needs of your entire family, you’ll find that it’s much easier to manage your family’s changing dental needs. When your children need fillings, your spouse needs a crown, and you’ve been wanting to get Invisalign, it’s…

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