Cutting-Edge Dental Technology


With CEREC® Technology, we can design, construct and permanently cement a ceramic restoration in only one dental visit! Our computer-aided design (CAD) software empowers us to design and construct a precision restoration that meets your specific dental needs.

These incredibly durable restorations can be custom-shaded just like real enamel for a beautifully natural looking smile.

Our digital radiography system (x-rays) represents one of the latest technological advances in modern dentistry. Simply by placing a wireless sensor in the mouth, a computer generated image of your teeth can be produced in only 30 seconds. These X-ray images are immediately viewable on our computer monitors where they can be enhanced, enlarged, and permanently stored. This digital technique is friendly to the environment, it is more time efficient, and it reduces your exposure to radiation by as much as 90 percent.

We offer laser dentistry in our practice for certain hard and soft tissue procedures. During surgical procedures, lasers help to reduce bleeding and some procedures (such as removing or recontouring small amounts of gum tissue) can be performed without causing any bleeding at all. Laser dentistry also tends to produce less swelling and pain following surgery in comparison to conventional surgical methods.

We trust High-end digital photography (equipped with specially adapted macro lenses and flashes) to document cosmetic dental procedures and to produce beautiful “before and after” images. These high-quality dental images also help us to communicate with outside dental labs regarding clinical details such as shape, color, or style as it applies to your treatment.

Invisalign® is a high-tech, precision orthodontic system in which the teeth are gently realigned using custom-crafted clear aligners. Learn more about our St. Augustine Invisalign dentists.

With 3D Implant dentistry, our team has the ability to replace missing teeth with greater accuracy, more comfort, and a higher success rate than ever before. Three-dimensional imaging software aids us in planning and surgically placing dental implants while preserving your bone structure, locating nerve pathways, and identifying crucial anatomic landmarks.