“Everyone who sees my new smile is amazed!”

Anita Mache, St. Augustine Resident

“Everyone who sees my new smile is amazed!” says Anita Mache, a St. Augustine resident who moved to Florida from Chicago in the 1970s. “Dr. Domingoes is a really gentle dentist…and professional. He Works so hard to make you satisfied. Compared to other dentists, Dr. Domingoes is wonderful…he always gets to the root of the problem.” Mrs. Mache, former owner of the LaFiesta Motel at St. Augustine, knows the importance of being punctual, “I commented to him how pleasant it is to go there because he takes you on time!” “The whole staff is great… they treat you like family.”

“Strangers come up to me and tell me what a pretty smile I have!”

Mary Christon, St. Augustine Resident

“I found Dr. Woody Domingoes one-and-one-half years ago when I had a dental emergency,” said Mary Christon, who moved to St. Augustine from Atlanta. “He saw me when I couldn’t get any other dentist to see me. I think Dr. Domingoes is absolutely fantastic. He’s very gentle and kind. He really listens to his patients, and he only recommends what I really need. Thanks to Dr. Domingoes, I’ve had strangers come up to me and tell me what a pretty smile I have! He’s the best dentist I’ve found.”

“Dr. Domingoes gave me the ability to smile!”

Richard Dettra, St. Augustine Resident

Richard Dettra, Realtor® at Century 21, and co-owner of Cafe 11, had never been happy with his smile. Now with grown kids, Richard decided to do something about it. “Dr. Domingoes gave me a full makeover, crowns and veneers. I have complete confidence in him, and his staff is very professional, yet caring. They do follow-up on every procedure. There was no pain or anxiety. Now, I get compliments… people say ‘How nice you look.’ I’ve found you’re never too old to improve your health and personal appearance.”

“I have a straighter, brighter, healthier smile”

Sheila Vidamour, St. Augustine Resident

“I love to laugh, and I feel that my smile is an important part of who I am,” says Sheila Vidamour, Director of Marketing and Sales with Palmetto Builders. “Anastasia Dental Associates have made it a true pleasure to go to the dentist! The staff is amazing…everyone is warm, caring, and compassionate. And, besides being extremely professional, they are on the cutting edge of the newest technology in dentistry. Every procedure I’ve had has been very comfortable. Thanks to Dr. Domingoes, I have a straighter, brighter, healthier smile.”

“I finally learned how to smile, thanks to Dr. Woody Domingoes”

Totty Johnson, Pharmacist, St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Two years ago, Totty Johnson saw Dr. Domingoes for the first time. “I was looking for a dentist that I could trust for my whole family, and was capable of state-of-the-art dentistry. I found him in Woody Domingoes,” said Totty, Pharmacist at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. After receiving crowns and veneers, “the whole experience from start to finish was such a positive endeavor,” Totty added. “You can tell Dr. Domingoes loves what he does and truly cares about his clients. I would highly recommend him and his staff to anyone. Thanks to Woody Domingoes, I finally learned how to smile!”

“A really gentle dentist, I was impressed by Dr. Domingoes and his staff.”

Diana Vogel, St. Augustine Resident

Diana Vogel and her husband Don retired to St. Augustine from Avon By The Sea, New Jersey just eight years ago. Recently, Diana needed cosmetic dental work and called Dr. Woody Domingoes. “Dr. Domingoes was very gentle, and the whole process was easy,” said Mrs. Vogel. “I also appreciate when you have a 2:30 appointment, and you get in at exactly 2:30! I was impressed by Dr. Domingoes as a dentist, and impressed by the Whole office staff. be going back to Dr. Domingoes for all my dental needs.”

“Not a single pain or discomfort. Amazing dental care… State-Of-The Art.”

Stella Brown, St. Augustine Resident

“I arrived at Dr. Domingoes’ a little anxious about a broken tooth which needed dental repair,” said Stella Brown. “From the pleasant, smiling receptionist to the capable dental assistant, I was cordially received and made comfortable. Dr. Domingoes did all the necessary preparation and I could watch on a screen exactly how the crown was formed and applied. Not a single pain or discomfort, and it all was completed in less that two hours. Amazing professional dental care in a ‘state of the art’ setting.”

“Dr. Domingoes Is An Outstanding Dentist. He Has Taken Good Care Of All My Dental Needs.”

Jeff Bartlett, St. Augustine Resident

“I very much like Dr. Domingoes’ professional manner,” said Jeff Bartlett, who retired from banking and moved to St. Augustine some 7 years ago. “His methods are on the leading edge of technology in modern dentistry. He uses a computer assisted design system that makes the permanent crown the same day. He’s an outstanding dentist and has taken good care of all my dental needs!”